August 1, 2018

Why a Blog?

How Do You Communicate?

Many organizations communicate with their users using email.  We can help you setup and maintain a Blog.  Email is good; we can help you do it better with a Blog.

Why A Blog?

Easy Management

  • People can subscribe on their own
  • People can unsubscribe on their own 

Email Security

When you send an email to a group of people you are sending their email addresses to everyone
  • Blog notifications are sent to one email address at a time
  • With a Blog you don't risk email address harvesting

Communicate with people that are not Subscribers

  • Anyone that visits your blog can catch up on your posts

Reader Comments

  • Allow reader Comments
  • Choose to not allow reader comments 

Schedule your Blog Post 

  • Set a Time and Date for your Blog post to be published

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