July 11, 2017

Why a website?

The World Wide Web

For Business...

When I look for a service or a product I often go to the web.  If you're not on the web you are not taking advantage of an inexpensive resource that can help you grow your business.

The Challenge...

How does a small business or organization go from no web presence to having a secure, yet easy to manage web presence?

Our suggestions

  • Get a domain name from a secure provider
  • Look for a secure place to host your website
  • Keep your chosen framework updated 
    • For small organizations I recommend that you consider a provider that keeps things updated for you
  • Don't get stuck in a proprietary framework platform that isn't easily replaced
    • The web changes; you may need to change your strategy as new technologies are introduced 

Hire Me...

I have used several combinations of systems over the years.  I believe no system is perfect but I think the systems I currently use strike a good balance at being cost effective and secure.  Contact me for help with your web presence.  

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